batwings vol. 1

by noguano

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released June 18, 2017

all songs produced and mixed by noguano, with help where noted

album artwork by justin wabs



all rights reserved


noguano Alberta

I made the beats

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Track Name: twelve heads (feat. ill kalill)
twelve heads

[Verse: Ill Kalil]
I don't fuck with Michael Jordan cuz these niggas on that bullshit
All the preachers at the pulpit cuz religion doesn't rule shit
These young niggas get lost inside a vision
Took a loss almost got tossed just like a shuriken
I'm out here making laid back music
While these niggas takin' L's making Maybach music
Got these asians kick, screaming I got k-pop influence
I've been shitting on these rappers like I can't stop poopin'
Better know I'm in the house like Cory
Next year they gonna have to find me like my name was Dory
Too many bitches in the world, they askin' for no orgy
Can't picture life without me and I asked God to show me
Look, i ain't really being posey
Idon't have to use the force but I'm like Obi-Wan Kenobi with it
Hoppin' on waves, niggas the they know with it
Think this cat's serious and find out that they jokin' witchya
I'm just coasted, posted up like Kobe on the scene
Like a motion pictures
Scared to step up to the plate it must have motion sensors
I'm like the most relentless rapper spewin' Moses' scriptures
Wise rappers change with seasons? Metamorphic niggas
I got keys with no drive movin' ???
Come face me in your dreams, no need for the snorin'
Couldn't say this music's in my genes, I'm an orphan
And if it cost more than a hundred dollars then I can't afford 'em
I'm just spittin' verses, couldn't care about the chorus, and every beat I wreck is just like Tyrannosaurus
It's a Black Moon, you know I gotcha open, always hated school just because I couldn't focus
Feeding off their brains, they Flying Lotus
Just livin' life without a motive
Fuck the fame, the probably think I'm lame because I wrote this
But I'm just gonna create a lane because I know I'm chosen
Track Name: dragon lineage (feat. komato$e)
dragon lineage

[Intro: Komato$e & (Yung P$yche)]
Hell yeah
Bro I thought you were blowing in my ear, it's my fuckin adlibs from earlier,
(we used to play this game on the bus on the way to school every day)
(I'm runnin' out here right now)
...makin' fake gunshot sounds and shit

[Verse: Komato$e]
A tear inside the eye of the coveted
It's been a year alone, where go the mothership?
Beautiful, blue face that'll leave you breathless
Cookie cutter turn a full human to a crescent
"Pussy", "bitch", "ho", trash talk adolescent
Cuttin' heads, king shit, I ain't a peasant
I only need one ho, 'cause that ho a blessin' (yuh)
I ate your bitch once and needed a permanent breathmint (uh)
Resident dragon, remember the dragoon
Ridin' high on So-Co, not that Hen' and Sailor Moon
Wholesale pill orgies occur in my living room
Not my living room, I'd rather be dead soon
I ain't never owned shit or owed shit
And if I ever did I sold it all for a ho, shit
And I really wish I didn't (oh, damn)
Sometimes you need that encouragement to keep a nigga livin' (you do)
Debt and gifts are one in the same here (yeah)
Anything to get me out my lair and stay clear
Of any reason highlighting nightmares in my stained drear
Decorate with self deprecation, I hate queers
And whites
(Yeah x7)
The mentally ill will have to die
So each and every one of us gon' die (die, uh)
I don't know facts, but I came here to end fallacies
Forever 21 like retards that can't count to 3 (4)
All these people cowering
I love it when they cowering
Acting cowardly
Pandemonium when I spray with the technicalities (doot-doot-doot!)
Yeah and them homicidal tendencies, but screw it, nigga, where the chops at? (where are they?)
Trill, the slow jam DJ that'll take your bitches bra strap (po' up)
And go and hang the bitch with it (uh, yeah)
I ain't gon' hang with you bitches, 'cause I don't need that (uh, yeah)
I just need that relapse on that good wax
Or that good percocet (percocet)
I don't really need that though
I need that Xanax, I need that shit that clear my mind in a panic
Shit, fuck it, I don't even know this is dragon lineage and we 'bout at the end of it so imma kick the bucket
Fuck it

[Outro: Komato$e]
Hell yeah
It's alright
We good?
Oh fuck, you don't have hotkeys on this bitch
Track Name: タモリ (tamori) [w/ hb]
get up early morning. I’m a mixmaster
drip the coffee. open ableton live.
everyday everyday …
TAMORI have the secret of continuity.
beats no move while you sit down
no good beats make boring your novel
Use your legs like a jeans-detective of TAIYO-NI-HOERO
if you don’t do it, you fall down in minor.
TAMORI: a major comedian of japan. he had continued TV’s MC 30 years.
TAIYO-NI-HOERO: 80’s TV program. 太陽にほえろ

朝起きました。 I'm a mixmaster
Track Name: clumsy riddim (feat. paterson cook)
Nothin like a six pack Of nice beers,
A phat bone
and a couple bumps up in your dome
Bass buzzing the blown bits offa busted speaker cones
some gear in your ears and a beat up microphone
Friday nights kicked back like a time smear
high like twilight zone
spittin like a mothafuckin cyclone,
double swift spliff shit tears flowing into your ears
And blown out from deep down under my collarbone
My Appetite for thick stacks
growing like white fear,
trouble is I'm losing steam as I'm getting old
Knees cracking plateau
But I'm shedding gleam
With An offsetting lean,
cuz the other half of my dome
is getting Hard like a stone
goodfellas deniro
Pesci from casino
Drinking too much cream
Smoking too much weed and soaked in too much cologne
But i smells too god damn fresh ya know
Growing wise like yitzhak
I Spit for my young bros
Staring up at my double chin
Learning from my shinbones
Watch my loose footwork go
Spicy like jalapeño flamenco
zinging like double shots of espresso
Zoned in like a heavy dose
of speed laced with buspirone
I destroy all of those
Who try and step to the chrome
I freestyle my tomes
this spit shit make up the core of my genome
Make y'all rappers sound like you rap in Down syndrome
Wilyn out on Grimy shit
Singing with that sliminess
My tiny fists rolling spliffs that render rap gods overgrown
Ancient idols Overthrown
My trombone just Blowin verbal stones through the status quo
Vernacular loans
comin like shots of ghost pepper peptone to the side of your dome
your mouth spewing foam
And the wet spot on your girlies pants growin

scrolling hard times from my ink sack
Scribbling, I twist my cornrows
Dribbling, I exist to storm foes
Supple with that symbolism
Analogies and metaphors
Like, let your fields lie fallow
Cuz You reap what you sow
Stay silent while your sensei's spitting young grasshopper
I'm wiser than your fucking grandfather
And I'm older than Sylvester Stallone
angrier than Nina simone
watch me go
when I get up in my zone
To take me home you'd have your own baby's birth postponed
I'm just putting on a show
50 bucks to get in the door
Couple hours of spitting mo'
and I'll be riding in the toYota echo on my way back home
Yoda ain't never had this much fo'ce before
And I ain't never even like that fuckin Star Wars show
But I know George Lucas just a bitch fucking a dead horse
i been Too busy Hustling up and down the floor
I got endless raps up in my iPhone notes
My tongue curling rhymes like bicycle spokes
All the pussy fires getting stoked
I spits that somen icy with that somen spicy fuego
and I'm here for the long haul
Just be askin your girlie's vaginal walls
When I'm done spitting Ima be splitting once I be givin your girlie's iPhone a call
Track Name: mint condition (feat. bob botanist & thirty)
Young baby with braid too tight, you know the feelin' you are the feelin', you are the celin'
Proverbial in the eye this was sky, that is you, you'll bloom, black tie, weak suit
My cards are not in play yet to trade on, holographic like a dead rapper at Coachella
Wait, I meant
Mint condition like fresh print bills power cap blue hills with rich folk
Got guards it'll take to shot and be killed, I don't know how to hold my tongue
Mmmm, just had some thai iced tea , though I'm black and it'd prolly be a thai who look just like me
Father had a bunch of kids, could've crossed paths with a guy who look just like me
If that's not shady, bury me under the willow tree and I'll come back when it's struck by lightning
Uhhh, what're the odds, bruh?
Water my grave and give me veneration, contemplatin' leaving this plane advance and wrote my resignation
Conversation with my noodle, I'm no longer waitin'
Pacin' pacin' on long days
I'm the
with no weight on I could,
Track Name: essence drain (feat. mister yo)
What type of world is it that we live in? 13 year old children on birth control
And Mister Yo still can’t make that perfect album for y’all without the people behind him who share the same vision
I admit it, I ain’t no musician, but I got a thing for composition and once I spit what I’ve written...
Let me get away from battling for a few minutes I’m so used to flexing cause I started rapping to prove I was better than these kids
And not to mention my top five dead or alive is filled with legends
That there tidbit may seem irrelevant but who’s decision is it other than my own to know my actual thought processes?
I could let you in but you wouldn’t get it, I can sense your dense my spidey senses tingling shit
I inference with what’s given and you’ve presented your weakness in the form of co-dependence on substances and attention
A playful conversation turns argumentative and I wasn’t even trying to agitate your psyche like doing a load of laundry, shit
Decorate my black girls in black lace, wearing a revealing one piece bikini
You'd think I had the big bling bling right on me due to how blinding the kids always shining
Sprinkle glitter like parsley, sparsely on dead bodies in a remote hotel lobby located on a hilltop like The Shining
A real American Haunting when you realize I’m back on the track dropping facts in fact exactly where I left off
Bitch fuck off, my rhymes are hard like an adult trying to sit crisscross applesauce yet I get no applause…

What is rap nowadays? Most listeners think I lack rhythm nowadays These tenses transcend dimensions, I spit a verse that can be broken down into the plural senses
Nowadays I refuse to believe that anyone is better than me, I have accomplished things
Conditioned training on how to swing a sword properly, yet I still can’t flow to a beat
lol, Mister Yo feeds on the souls of the weak, week to weekend
Whores come in hoards to my doorstep like sounding off a car alarm in Left 4 Dead,
I live for the bloodshed, and put your carcass in dirt like a coffin
Kid it just doesn’t stop with your death
666 scrawled into my chest I’ll revisit you idiots scribbling satanic messages on parchment paper
Harnessing power from cowards in your neighbors basement while you cower, taking cover in the corner
Covert ops missions with noguano. Mister Yo.

This razor thin blade can slice through skin and fade you out of existence
I’m the best yet and like Sirius, kid I shine the brightest and rhyme the tightest
Why'd you think I named this mix Club Canibus, shit
A couple bangers in the deck, six compact disc CD changer in the deck
And how much you wanna bet they all Mister Yo, cause he comes correct
Take a couple bullets to the chest and get reduced into a mound of flesh
Magnum shield with big bricks building like the Amish, Mister Yo is 22 Savage
Extended clip in my Glock 9, kid I don’t lie and I don’t miss
Nevertheless, the black pearl pendant kept around my neck is cursed, and heavy to hold as the burden of regret
I nut on her forehead and left some in her hair like a beret, poppin’ off shots my cock is something like a bayonet
Somewhere in the depths of Annette, an alchemist turned two droplets of spit into one potion
Two Beretta’s clinched in my fist positioned promptly in your face call me Dante
Now listen to the way I spit, bitch call me Dante
I levitate when I sent your spirit to the Farplane and your body to a dark place

I make music not to get noticed but to maybe pick up some women interested in deep conversations and some heavy flirtation
Could you possibly relate to me?
I want to date one bitch and make love constantly
I might be addicted to the pussy but I try to not let it get the best of me
Track Name: swan song (feat. aubject)
I've got no idea when I'll pass yo, but i hope death comes to me real slow
So I can tell one more dirty joke and crack a crooked smile like a broken egg yolk, folks
It's hard to consider my very last minutes, how it feels having my heart beat diminished
Did I fight too much with mom and dad? Did i impart all of the love I had?
And Allyssa, we wasn't as close as humanly possible
With my ego and all being an obstacle
And who's gonna take care of my little brothers and tell 'em how to sneak out undercover, in the summer
Everyone else in my family I love you
Even all the times I acted above you
Cuz only you matter, that is the one truth
And our tree is beautiful because our deep roots
You're family regardless of the blood relation, my love can't ever reach exaggeration
Peace to all the women giving me opportunity, taught me the language of love and spoke it fluently
Seeing myself laughing on my backside, feelin' my soul ascendin' to the bright sky
Apologizing with those I never reconciled, cuz i felt 'em pick up the dial but in the meanwhile
Pour a beer and puff loud for all stories
Be clear to mention hard times and sad glories
Prioritize children, and never quit, life wasn't a bitch but now I'm done with it